Rules for reviewers and critics casting their votes:

  1. Both established and independent reviewers who have written at least 25 reviews for a publication/website/blog can place their nominations for these categories.
  2. Productions that have been staged between 1st July 2017 – 30th June 2018 can be put forward for a Creative Innovation in Lighting, Sound, Video Projection and Best Marketing Campaign Award.
  3. Only one vote for Best PR Company can be placed per reviewer.
  4. Reviewers can put forward as many shows throughout the year.
  5. Reviewers will be asked to give a reason for their nominations as these will be used by an expert to decide the winner for each category.
  6. PR companies that have been put forward must have been established for a minimum of a year.

When placing your vote for Creative Innovation in Sound Design, Lighting Video Projection, productions put forward must have had at least 4 showings in a UK registered theatre.

  1. Reviewers can put forward nominations for: Creative Innivation in Sound, Creative Innovation in Lighting, Creative Innovation in Video Projections, Best Marketing Campaign, Best Trailer, Best Live Streaming Platform, Best Poster Design all year round.
  2. The public can put forward nominations for: Best Podcast, Best Production Photography and Best Online Publication from Monday 2nd April 2018 until Saturday 30th June 2018.
  3. Nominations for Outstanding Production will be put forward by Theatre & Technology Awards founder, Lucy Basaba.